Sultan Mohamed IV letter to the Cossacks from 1675!

And some info about the letter....
"In 1675 (Evarnickij 1895:517) or 1678 (Golobuckij 1957:320), the Sultan of Turkey and the Crimean Khan are said to have unsuccessfully attacked the Zaporozhian fortress of Sic' (Russian Sec') Following this fiasco, the Sultan of Turkey supposedly sent a threatening missive to the Zaporozhian cossacks demanding their submission to him, to which the cossacks replied with an abusive parody of the Sultan's letter."

Here is the letter of the Sultan.....

The Original:

The Transliteration

The Transliteration

From THE ZAPOROZHIAN LETTER TO THE TURKISH SULTAN: HISTORICAL COMMENTARY AND LINGUISTIC ANALYSYS by Victor A. Friedman published in Slavica Hierosolymitana, Vol. 2. Jerusalem: Magnes. 1978. P. 25-38.