Bulgarian Identity crisis

Even the Bulgarians do not know who they really are, just follow the lead down:


The first barbarians to settle permanently in the Balkan Peninsula coming from the northeast were the Bulgars, a Finnish people whose home was the middle Volga districts...

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Some think that they are Goths:

"...През 2002 година у нас стартира Готският проект, който има за цел да проучи присъствието на древните готи по нашите земи и тяхното значение за развитието на региона и на българската държава и народност...."


"... During 2002 the old Goth Project, who has the goal to examine the presence of the ancient Goths in the Balkan Area and to examine their role in development of the Bulgarian State and People..."

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Some see the Origins of the Bulgarians in Modern Iran

On the origin of the Proto-Bulgarians


And than again many support the Slavic Origin of the Bulgarians


So who are the Bulgarians? In the words of Stefan Detchev:

Bulgarian elite had to invent, elaborate and underpin a myth of common ancestry and made this pedigree putative for the sense of ethnic identification


Unfortunately this is only web archive, since the original was removed from Internet.

Where I would add that the Bulgarian elite has failed!