Gods Names used by the Ancient Macedonians

Αρωτος Ηρακλης παρα Μακεδονιας

From Mithology is known that Herakles was the elder son of Zeus.
In Macedonian stAROTO means the Old One. the word is found in XIX Century Dialects as
AROTO meaning the Old One.

Αδωναιος Ποσειδον Μακεδονες

Dna > bottoms, Dno>bottom Adnoa >on the Bottom, someone who lives on the bottom
Donau Thracian - Dacian Toponym

Βικας Σφιγγας Μακεδονες

Mithological creature that has head as human and body as lion.
It ask's questions, puzzels.

Cause the reading of the letter Β is not clear if it was V or B,the word could as well been read VIKAS.

one way to formulate Question in Macedonian language is:
SHO VIKASH? which means what do you say.
If someone puts your statement in question, or he is amased about it he will ask VIKASH.
It could be possible that this was simmilar way in Ancient Macedonia, thus the Creature that was asking so many Questions was named VIKAS.

Ζειρην η Αφροδιτη εν Μακεδονια

Sirena is similar to mermaid, born in the water.
After the Mythology, Afrodite was born out of the sea foam or
or something like this. eZERO> sea while eZERIN >the One who Belongs to or comes from the Sea. There is a name in Macedonian and wider, IRENA or ιn Russia IRINA

Θαυμος η θαυλος Αρης Μακεδονιος

Tamane is dialektikal synonim for Killing in large scale
Tamane has its ethymology in TA=DA=TO MANE=SWING, SLAY present in Serb-Croatian too.
Davlo would mean someone who strangles from the verb DAVE
Consider Phrygian κυν δαυλος > dog strangler/choker

Λειβηνος ό Διόνυσος
Lei = to pour to put in to the glass, NALEI = POUR Vino = wine.

Dinisos was the God of wine among all, and Ancient Makedonias drunk wine as crazy.

First, ακρεα παις θηλεια was the word for little girl or daughter in Ancient Macedonian.

In Dialectical Macedonian kera = daughter
Literate Macedonian kerka = daughter.


Ακρεα was the name of Αθηνα=Athena sometimes for Αφροδιτη= Afrodita.

Tolaev who was writting the Theory that the Pelasgi are proto Slavs, states that the Word ATHENA is from the Slavic root ATA= Father,
since after the Mythology Athena is born out of the Head of Zeus.

Athena -> Akrea -> Daughter of Zeus.


Seems that the Ancient Macedonians had their own names for the Ancient Mediteranian Gods, who after Herodotus were initially Pelasgian Gods.

Just remember the Romans, Zeus = Jupiter, Ares = Mars etc.