From the Macedonian Knot

The German ambassador in Vienna, von Tschirschky, revailed in his report from November, 1914 an interesting suggestion of the former Turkish governor of Macedonia: „In relation on the still hesitating posture of Bulgaria which counts in any case, also without active participation after ending of the war " [ in the meantime, the 1-st world broken out] „ to find it’s profit in Macedonia, Hilmi Pasha expressed towards me, that there is a very good way out to spoil this business for the Bulgarians. One should give Bulgaria on the Peace Conference only the smallest, exclusively from Bulgarians inhabited part of Macedonia, from the actual Macedonia, however, to make an independent state. This with approx. two million inhabitants would hold the scales with Albania. Greece will not oppose this solution if it is proposed by the winners with the conclusion of the Peace Conference, especially if one leaves to them the possession of the city area of Salonik. The Greeks would thereby have also the other advantage, not to border directly with Bulgaria , but to have a buffer State between them"...


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