An Armenian on the Macedonians

A short time ago, a Greek-American confronted me in a 'chat room' with an ugly personal message. The following is a small sample of his ugly words.

"You damned Turks are pathetic. You can't even accept the fact that our Western civilization is founded on the pillars of Greek thought and mind. One Plato is worth ten thousand ATATURKS. Where are your Aristoteles, Socrates, Euripedeses, Aristophaneses, Archimedeses and the Euclids? Both science and civil administration of the Western world are of Greek origin. You have an Ataturk, a pedophile who was born of a Jewish prostitute and died of syphilis,. We have our Alexander the Great."

Then I remembered a bit of history I had learned in school, and researched on it to amplify my knowledge .
Here's what I found out

"It was King Phillip II of Macedonia who had united the Thracian Greeks, and the rest of the natives of the areas he had conquered, to prepare them for an expedition against Persians. His son, Alexander, founded, later on, his vast dynasty on the ruins of the old empire built by his father, a Macedonian. Historians are unanimous on this one point that the ancient Macedonians as well as today's citizens of the independent country of MACEDONIA are not Greeks at all. In reality, the ancient Greeks had a name for them,"Barbarians", a word which simply means an alien, or a foreigner. The famous Athenian statesman and orator Demosthenese spoke of King Phillip II of Macedonia in very pejorative terms when he said in part: ". ..he,(Phillip) not only is no Greek, nor related in any shape or form to Greeks, but he is not even a true 'barbarian' from any place that can be named with honors, but a pestilent knave from Macedonia, whence it was never yet possible to buy a decent slave."

Now this very same 'Macedonian barbarian' refered to by Demosthenese in his speech, defeated his enemies, the Greeks, at the battle of Chaerones in August, 338,B.C. and appointed himself 'Commander of the Greeks.' But regardless of all the information available to them the Greeks still prefer to lie and call ALEXANDER THE GREAT, a noble 'Greek.' Therefore, Governor George Pataki, the author of the the infamous Pataki Proclamation, why do you think we should believe you. Give the world one good reason!

Taken from:
Armenian Tale